Form 4506-T: Tips on How to Complete and File

This post is designed to help you make sense of the 4506-T form. Learn how to fill out, when and where to file the form to collect information on your paid taxes.
What is a form 4506-T?
The IRS form 4506 T, also referred to as a Request for Transcript of Tax Return, is a tax form completed by taxpayers who wish to get a copy of their original tax return, a tax return transcript, or other tax records they filed with the IRS. The transcript obtained via filing the tax form 4506-T can only be provided for the current fiscal year and returns processed during the three previous tax years.
What information is reflected on a tax transcript?
Tax transcripts requested via form 4506-T contain information about all the actions associated with and taken to your taxpayer’s account. A transcript accumulates relevant information from other tax forms, ranging from a W-2 to 1065, and gives you a detailed overview of the taxes you paid to the IRS in the previous three years.
What is the 4506-Tform used for?
There are a few cases in which taxpayers will need to get a tax transcript or order a tax return copy. The most likely situations include: IMPORTANT INFORMATION: note that the tax return transcript will not reflect any changes made by you or the IRS to the filed return. If you need a transcript that captures any transactions on your account that took place after filing the return, you will be requesting a tax account transcript instead. The ordering procedures are explained below and are the same for both types of tax transcripts.
Requesting a tax transcript: form 4506-Tinstructions
A tax return transcript is something you can order online, by phone, or by mail if you or your tax advisor need a return copy filed with the IRS. Here is a detailed instruction on how to do it correctly:

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